The Committee is made up entirely of volunteers who give up a large amount of time throughout the year to raise funds and plan for Crab Fair. It is made up of the following members:



Contact Number


Honorary Patron

Jamie Reed



Honorary Patron

Margaret Woodburn



Honorary Life Member

Ken Watson




Alan Kirkby




Steve Foster

07703 177987

Vice Chairman

Callum Scott




Callum Scott

07519 413231

Assistant Secretary

Nick Jeffery




Lesley Stevens



Assistant Treasurer

Steve Foster



Field Manager

Nick Jeffery

07735 608003

Assistant Field Manager

Kieran Rogers



Street Manager

Sam Pollen



Assistant Street Manager

Chris Reay, Les Coan



Entertainment / Events Management

Daniel Shutt, Stuart Fleming, Kevin Brown

07907 290543

Other Members

N Armstrong, C Cockelty, J Dixon, A Gribbin, E Gribbin, D Lewthwaite, A Malkinson, D Malkinson, D McDowell, H McLoughlin, S Lee, D Nixon, A Spedding, C Spedding, M Starkie


Junior Members

Anna Jeffery, Chanelle McDowell


Crab Fair Helpers

P Atkinson, L Branch, D Collins, H Collins, D Johnson, C Mossop, B Stevens, S Walker, M White


Arena Events

Arena Manager: David Malkinson



Judges: T Harrington, H Hail, T Porter, L Scott

Announcer: A Harrington


Field Sports

Announcer: Alan Tubman

Childre'ns Sports: Nora Armstrong, Lesley Stevens


Equestrian Events & Riding The Boundary

Organisers: C Cockelty, M White, C Smith, R Farrell

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